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Violent Mae album

In the bustling world of music, where genres intertwine and melodies shape emotions, the band Violent Mae emerges as a captivating force that weaves intricate sonic tapestries. Hailing from the enchanting town of New London, Connecticut, Violent Mae stands as a testament to the power of musical collaboration and innovation. With their unique blend of folk, rock, and indie influences, they carve a distinct niche within the musical landscape.

Violent Mae Song

Mothers’ SongWorn Out My Welcome
Man In The CountryMan In The Country
Real Love SongLong Hard Wait
Anytime You FallHole In My Heart

Harmonious Fusion of Two Talents

floyd kellogg
becky kessler

At the heart of Violent Mae lies the dynamic partnership between vocalist and guitarist Becky Kessler and drummer Floyd Kellogg. Their collaboration transcends traditional boundaries, combining Kessler’s evocative vocals and melodic guitar work with Kellogg’s rhythmic prowess. This fusion gives birth to a sound that resonates with authenticity and originality, inviting listeners on a journey of emotion and introspection.

Artistic Evolution

Formed in New London, Violent Mae has embarked on an artistic evolution that spans genres and defies expectations. Their music channels raw emotion and thought-provoking narratives, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and the world around them. Each track is a canvas upon which Kessler’s evocative lyrics and Kellogg’s skillful percussion create an intricate mosaic of sound.


Creative Freedom and Innovation

The band’s affiliation with The Telegraph Recording Company, located on the vibrant Golden Street of New London, underscores their commitment to creativity and sonic exploration. This partnership empowers Violent Mae to continue pushing the boundaries of their craft, showcasing their artistic growth and innovation in each musical creation.

Violent Mae Becky

Sounds that Resonate

Violent Mae’s music transcends the ordinary, resonating with those who seek depth and connection in their musical journey. From soul-stirring ballads to upbeat anthems, their repertoire captures the myriad emotions that define the human experience. This musical diversity is a testament to their willingness to experiment and evolve, drawing inspiration from both their roots and the contemporary landscape.

Violent Mae kellogg

A Voice that Echoes

With the artist representation of The Telegraph Recording Company, Violent Mae’s voice echoes beyond the studio walls and reaches the hearts of audiences near and far. Their presence in the Connecticut music scene brings a sense of pride to their hometown, while their music’s universal appeal promises to touch the souls of listeners across the globe.